Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day

Today was the Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day. It was really fun. Dairy Queen donated a portion of every Blizzard sale to Children's Miracle Network.

I had (3) different visits to make today so I got to spend my entire day at different Dairy Queen's. The best part of the day was thanking the owners, managers and employees. I got to give each store a special plaque, with my picture on it, as a thank you. They were really neat plaques and it was fun to see my picture up on the wall. This picture was taken of some friends of ours who visited a Dairy Queen in Colorado Springs and saw the plaque, with my picture, on the wall. It was also fun to thank the people who came in to buy a blizzard. I would introduce myself, explain that I was the CMN champion and thank them for supporting me and all the kids who go to Children's Hospital.

The day was not all work. In two of the stores I got blizzards and in one of them we had lunch. It was such a fun day and it meant a lot to me to help raise more funds for Children's Miracle Network.

Your Smiling and Happy Colorado Champion,


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