Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Valero Kick-off

Yesterday was one of my last kick off meetings of the summer. I got to speak to all of the really nice people of Valero. They watched my video, than I shared my story and thanked them for supporting Children's Miracle Network. I love giving my speech and hope that I get to do it a few more times before the year is over.

I also found out that Coca-Cola is doing a Champions night at a Rockies game coming up. That is going to be so much fun and something else I can write about.

Your Smiling and Happy Colorado Champion,


Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day

Today was the Dairy Queen Miracle Treat Day. It was really fun. Dairy Queen donated a portion of every Blizzard sale to Children's Miracle Network.

I had (3) different visits to make today so I got to spend my entire day at different Dairy Queen's. The best part of the day was thanking the owners, managers and employees. I got to give each store a special plaque, with my picture on it, as a thank you. They were really neat plaques and it was fun to see my picture up on the wall. This picture was taken of some friends of ours who visited a Dairy Queen in Colorado Springs and saw the plaque, with my picture, on the wall. It was also fun to thank the people who came in to buy a blizzard. I would introduce myself, explain that I was the CMN champion and thank them for supporting me and all the kids who go to Children's Hospital.

The day was not all work. In two of the stores I got blizzards and in one of them we had lunch. It was such a fun day and it meant a lot to me to help raise more funds for Children's Miracle Network.

Your Smiling and Happy Colorado Champion,


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Re/Max Golf Tournament - A really Fun Day!

This week I got to participate in the Re/Max Golf Tournament. It was such a fun event and it was HUGE. There were almost 200 people here and they raise a lot of money for CMN. It was a really long day, but it was fun because I got to help to actually raise money.

I was on what they call a Bubba Watson hole (with my new friend and 2009 champion Tess). On this hole they could donate $20.00 and drop their ball way, way up on the hole. We collected $420.00 on our hole and I think only one set of golfers were able to say no to Tess and me. It was also fun because I started to take golf lessons this summer, and a couple of people let me hit their ball for them.

After they were done golfing they did a really fun thing. A helicopter dropped golf balls from high up (the balls were bought by people and all had numbers on them). The one that landed closest to the pin won money. It was so neat to be that close to a helicopter.

The night ended with me getting to speak during dinner. It was so much fun with so many people in the room. They made me feel so good. I told them that ITP is not who I am, just what I have, and they all started to applaud during my speech (that was the first time that has happened). At the end, the whole room stood up and clapped. I really love sharing my story and telling everyone how great Children's Miracle Network and Children's Hospital Colorado is to us kids.

There is no time to rest this week because I am getting ready to go visit some Dairy Queen's for the Miracle Treat Day. This is going to be another really fun day.

Your Smiling and Happy Colorado Champion,