Thursday, June 2, 2011

Colorado Children's Miracle Network Champion Launch - May 18

This was one of the most coolest and surprising days I have had. Today was the day that they announced me as the Colorado Champion. The whole day made me feel special and excited inside, I could not stop smiling. The day was really cool from the start all the way until the limo dropped me back at school.

The day started with the amazing Children's Miracle Network team coming to my school. They brought treats and stuff to give to all of my classmates. Molly told all of my friends about the champion program and what I will be doing. Than she showed my video to the whole class. This was really fun since do of my friends in class were also in the video. The really special thing that happened was that the WHOLE class surprised me by singing "We are the champions" to me. But, they would sing YOU are the champion. It made me feel really happy and amazed that they would take the time to sing this to me instead of just saying goodbye.

After we finished in my class, a limo came to my school to pick me up. When I first saw the limo and went inside I really felt like a superstar. It was so big, had cool lights, a lift up door, a T.V., a radio and I got to drink sprite. The limo brought us to a Walmart store and when I walked in, they had all the Walmart people lined up and clapping for me. I felt so surprised that I could not even speak. They told everyone about me and the champion program. I felt so special being there in front of everyone. The even brought a big Walmart truck that brings all the stuff to the stores in the front. Me, my sister and my friend Sam got to go into the truck and play around (and honk the big horn). The biggest surprise that they gave me a $500 gift certificate for Walmart so I could go shopping and get clothes and stuff for the Champions trip in October. I was so excited and happy. They even had a shopping cart that was made just for me (it was covered in ribbons and balloons). We had over 10 people walking around the store and watching me shop. I bought so much stuff like clothes, swimsuits and toys, but still only spent $100 so I have $400 more to spend before the trip.

Once we were ready to leave all the amazing people at Walmart, we got McDonald's to eat in the limo on the way home. It was the coolest car ride ever. It was LIMOTASTIC!

This was one of the best days ever. I love being picked to be the champion. I get to do a lot of fun things, I get to help raise a lot of money for Children's Hospital and I get to meet a lot of very nice people. All of the girls who I work with at the CMN (Molly, Katie, Melissa and Dana) are so great and so amazing for all of the nice things they do for me.

I cannot wait to share my next adventure.

Your Smiling And Happy Colorado Champion,


My First Champion Events

This is my first blog, but I have had A LOT of really amazing and fun events. I will start to blog after each one, but for now I want to share what I have done as the Colorado Champion:

In February I got to be involved in a radio thon for Children's Hospital. It started last November when they taped my story for to play during Alice's 36 Hours of Miracles. I also had a news crew come out and do a story on me for them to play on that first day. It was really cool to be on 9news. The radio thon lasted for three days from 6am to 6pm. I was going to be on the TV and the Radio live to kick off the fundraiser. I was supposed to be there on Wednesday morning early but I got very sick and ended up going to the E.R. at Children's Hospital even earlier (at 3am). They let me go from the E.R. to the atrium so I could do my TV and Radio interview. Even though I was not feeling good, I was still excited and did a perfect job. It was fun being a part of such a big fundraiser.

In April I got to go to Children's Hospital and speak at the fundraising kick-off campaign for Costco, Walmart and Sam's Club. I had a lot of fun speaking in front of them all and I loved that they all laughed at the jokes I put into my speech. I really love to help do everything I can to raise money for Children's Hospital in Colorado. If you want to watch me speaking at one of the events, please click the link below:

In May I got to go to two golf tournaments so everyone could meet a real patient of the hospital and hear my story (I did my speech at both events). At one event I got to drive around and sell Children's Miracle Network pins. I could not believe how many we sold and how many people loved getting to meet me. At the other event I got to drive around and take pictures with each of the golf teams. The day got a little more fun when my Dad let me drive the golf cart (it was my first time). I drove about 4 holes until someone came up to us and told me I could not drive anymore. The real fun of the day was watching all of those people having a good time and supporting all of us kids.

I will be telling you about each event, from now on, after it happens.

I am so happy that I was chosen as the 2011 Children's Miracle Network Colorado Champion and cannot wait to help all of the kids that need help.

Your Smiling And Happy Colorado Champion,