Friday, July 29, 2011

One week, two events

This week I got to do two events raising money for Children's Miracle Network.

First was a fundraiser at a Shell gas station put on by Suncor Energy. It was so cool. They were giving out gas cards to everyone who came and donated to CMN. This was the second one they did. The sold out of the cards in a record time of 27 minutes. But, people kept coming because KYGO (the best country station around) was doing what they call live feeds from the gas station. The picture I posted is me, my sister and both Kelly and Rider who do the morning show. They were so cool and so many people came to see them. I spent the whole time helping to give away prizes to people who spun the wheel. That was a lot of fun. My favorite part was helping to sell and make money for Children's Miracle Network.

Than, just today, I got to go to a Marriott golf tournament supporting CMN. There were over 100 golfers there and during lunch I got to give my speech. I love sharing my story and I especially like it when they laugh at my jokes.

I have a few more events this month so look for some more updates.

Your Smiling and Happy Colorado Champion,


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ace Hardware, "Grill Your Ace Off"

On June 10 I got to do a really cool event. Ace Hardware had a cook-off with a ton of different people grilling all sorts of food. I got to be a judge. I thanked everyone for supporting Children's Miracle Network, but I also got to try EVERYTHING they were cooking. I had chicken, ribs, steak, beans, mac & cheese, pork, pizza, hamburgers and so many other types of food. My winners choice was a steak that was the best I have ever eaten. I was so full when I was done I could barely walk.

After the judging I got to share my story with everyone. I love giving my speech and telling everyone about how great Children's Miracle Network is and how they all need to support it.

I wanted to share some pictures so you can all see how much fun it was.

I cannot wait to share more of my summer's adventures.

Your Smiling and Happy Colorado Champion,