Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ace Hardware, "Grill Your Ace Off"

On June 10 I got to do a really cool event. Ace Hardware had a cook-off with a ton of different people grilling all sorts of food. I got to be a judge. I thanked everyone for supporting Children's Miracle Network, but I also got to try EVERYTHING they were cooking. I had chicken, ribs, steak, beans, mac & cheese, pork, pizza, hamburgers and so many other types of food. My winners choice was a steak that was the best I have ever eaten. I was so full when I was done I could barely walk.

After the judging I got to share my story with everyone. I love giving my speech and telling everyone about how great Children's Miracle Network is and how they all need to support it.

I wanted to share some pictures so you can all see how much fun it was.

I cannot wait to share more of my summer's adventures.

Your Smiling and Happy Colorado Champion,


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